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Creation of the Sustainablity Committee and Promotion of Internal Dissemination Measures

Creation of the Sustainability Committee and internal dissemination measures

We created the Sustainability Committee to promote sustainability management in all companies in the Group in a cross-organizational manner by addressing ESG materiality issues. The Committee, as well as the Risk Management Committee and Compliance Committee, is positioned as an advisory committee directly under the President and Representative Executive Officer. It meets biannually to develop action plans concerning the five materiality issues of each company in the Group so that they can be addressed by the entire Group and monitor the progress. The Board of Directors receives reports about what was discussed at the Sustainability Committee and discusses and supervises the long-term goals on ESG issues and the progress of actions.


〔Major activities〕

JFR Corporate Governance Structure Chart

Sustainability Committee meetings

≪1st Sustainability Committee meeting≫ (March 2019)

≪2nd Sustainability Committee meeting≫ (September 2019)

*The proceedings of the Sustainability Committee meetings are reported to the Board of Directors.

Internal dissemination measures on sustainability management

The Group published an ESG special issue of internal newsletter “JFRONTIER” for all employees of all operating companies so that all employees can promote ESG initiatives. The newsletter is intended to make individual employees treat ESG initiatives as “their own affairs,” raise their awareness about ESG issues and obtain their understanding and empathy about the ideas on the resolution of social issues through business (CSV).

We also launched an ESG-dedicated internal website and use it as a tool to provide internal and external ESG information timely. Ideas and clues to contribute to solving social issues through business are posted on the website and the employees of each operating company share information interactively on the social network on the website.

In addition, ESG is inccorporated into the curriculum of internal training and the top management of each operating company explains in person the backgound and importance of ESG initiatives for internal dissemination.

ESG special issue of internal newsletter “JFRONTIER”
ESG explanatory meeting for employees held by the management

Policy on Sustainability