Group Mission Statement

Last updated on May 6, 2016

Basic Mission Statement

We aim at providing high quality products and services that meet the changing times and satisfying customers beyond their expectations.
We aim at developing the Group by making a broad contribution
to society as a fair and trusted business entity.

The basic mission statement above represents the elements of the “customer-first principle” and the “contribution to society” that are common to the corporate mission statements and traditional spirit of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya.

"Service before profit"
Those who place service before profit will prosper.

"Abjure all evil; practice all good."
"In doing good to others, we do good to ourselves."

Business Operation Policy

Realizing high quality management that provides the highest customer satisfaction at the lowest cost.
Thoroughly pursuing high quality, freshness and hospitality.

The above policy was established as the standard by which J. Front Retailing Group and its companies operate businesses under the basic mission statement.

Commitments to Stakeholders

Customers We are committed to providing genuine satisfaction captivating customers by offering new value.
Business partners We are committed to building the relations of trust by working hard together and aim to grow together.
Communities We are committed to contributing to the development of the communities as well as promoting environmentally friendly business activities as a good corporate citizen.
Shareholders We are committed to increasing corporate value over the long term by practicing highly profitable and highly efficient management.
Employees We are committed to realizing workplaces in which employees’ performance and contribution are fairly evaluated and they can realize their exhibition of ability and growth and have job satisfaction.

The above are J. Front Retailing Group’s and its companies’ commitments to their stakeholders.

Our Principles of Action

Customer perspective We always think and act from customer’s point of view.
Speed and thorough implementation We act speedily and carry things through to the end without giving up.
Respect for diverse individuality We create a lively organizational climate in which each of us can maximize his/her abilities.
Challenge to innovation We try possibilities all the time and strive to produce greater results.
Communication We share information and exchange opinions freely and vigorously to realize strong teamwork.
Ethics and fairness We comply with laws and regulations and act in accordance with social conscience and rules.

The above are the principles of action that every person working for J. Front Retailing Group and its companies should try to follow under the basic mission statement.

Group Vision

We will establish a status as a leading Japanese retail company both in terms of quality and quantity with the department store business as our core.


Leading from the Front in the Japanese Retail Industry―
J. Front Retailing is aiming to become a leading Japanese retail company both in terms of quality and quantity with the department store business as its core. In order to express such determination and thought, Mt. Fuji, which is one of the symbols for Japan, is shaped from the initial letters of J. Front Retailing (JFR). The sun rising from Mt. Fuji is represented as a circle to indicate the strong will of the company to continue to grow and shine.