Compliance and Risk Management

Last updated on October 13, 2017

Establishment of Compliance and Risk Management System

J. Front Retailing has established the Risk Management Committee and the Compliance Committee, both of which are chaired by President and Representative Executive Officer, as advisory committees to President and Representative Executive Officer.
The Risk Management Committee manages and deals with overall risks mainly associated with positive strategies for securing growth opportunities in an organized manner from a company-wide perspective. In the meantime, the Compliance Committee appropriately addresses issues concerning compliance management practices. These Committees are working on establishing an appropriate compliance and risk management system in cooperation with each other, while each strives to focus on its roles and explore its initiatives.
Basically, each Committee holds four meetings on a regular basis each year and the matters discussed at the meetings are reported to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.

Set-up of Compliance Hotline

The Group provides points of contact both internally and outside the Group (a legal advisor) for the “JFR Group Compliance Hotline,” which is accessible to anyone working for the Group companies, to respond to compliance-related issues. In operating the Hotline, we give our full attention to protecting the anonymity of whistleblowers and internal rules strictly prohibit retaliation against whistleblowing.
We strive to raise awareness of the Hotline, for example, by putting up posters with contact information at each company.

Compliance and Risk Management Organization Chart

Development of the Group’s Common Code of Conduct

The Group has developed the principles of action and the code of conduct for compliance and risk management, which all workers are required to follow at work, and puts up posters showing them at each company to promote compliance actions on a daily basis.

1. Always put customers first

We will always put the realization of customer satisfaction first and gain trust and support from customers through faithful action in compliance with laws and regulations, internal rules and others such as the fulfillment of promises with customers, the development and provision of socially useful and safe products and services and the ensuring of fair labeling.

2. Promote high quality management for sound growth and development

With the aim of becoming an open corporation that communicates with society at large, we will promote high quality management for sound growth and development by conducting fair, transparent and proper corporate activities, while maintaining fair relations with business partners whereby both grow together.

3. Create a fair and vibrant organization where individuality and ability are respected

With respect for each individual’s basic human rights, we will form a vibrant organization where workers can be motivated to use their ability by creating a safe and secure work environment in compliance with labor-related laws and treating them based on a fair and equal evaluation.

4. Contribute to society (good corporate citizen living in harmony with society)

As a good corporate citizen living in harmony with society, we will actively conduct creative business activities that contribute to society at large including contributions to local communities and environmental initiatives to achieve sustainable growth.