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Exterior of Ginza Six

From department store to “luxury mall”

The Ginza area’s largest luxury mall GINZA SIX made its grand opening on April 20, 2017 drawing much attention from not only Tokyo but also all over Japan and even from abroad. More than half of 241 world-class quality brands that were carefully selected and collected are flagship stores. In addition, the creation of unconventional store environment using ICT, and promotion creating a buzz and conscious of being spread on SNS are also a symbol of “discontinuous growth” we aim at.

By category, luxury brands are very popular among affluent people in Japan and inbound tourists to Japan. Fashion items are steadily increasing customer loyalty by offering GINZA SIX limited items and other measures. In fiscal 2021, which marks the 4th anniversary of opening, it has increased freshness as a luxury mall by changing tenants thoroughly.

We took on many completely new challenges in GINZA SIX toward “discontinuous growth,” not an extension of the status quo, by choosing to let go of past successes and “not to operate a department store” there after a thorough marketing. We could create special experiences and values available only there including luxury duplex boutiques that add color to the façade, store space design such as the bold atrium that welcome visitors with art, the unique layout of passages reminiscent of the “back alleys in Ginza” and the floor layout that goes beyond so-called department store’s merchandise classification. In other words, in the era when the internet is rapidly growing and it is said that the internet has already driven out the physical world in Western countries, we think we could present an “answer” to the question “What values are expected from physical stores and what is their raison d'etre?”