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History of Daimaru

1717 ・Shimomura Hikoemon Shokei opened a kimono fabric store “Daimonjiya” in Fushimi, Kyoto. (Foundation of Daimaru)
1726 ・Osaka store “Matsuya” opened in Shinsaibashisuji, Osaka and began cash sales at fixed prices (present location of Shinsaibashi store).
1728 ・Nagoya store opened at Honmachi 4-chome, Nagoya and used the name “Daimaruya” for the first time.
1737 ・Distributed to all stores the hanging scrolls with the store creed of “Service before Profit” on it.
・Completed the construction of the new Kyoto flagship store in Funaya-cho, Higashinotoin, Kyoto.
1743 ・Edo (Tokyo) store opened at Odenma-cho 3-chome, Nihonbashi, Edo.
1837 ・The Oshio Rebellion broke out. Daimaru escaped burning at the hands of mobs due to its reputation as a philanthropic merchant.
1907 ・Established “Kabushiki Goshi Kaisha (joint-stock limited partnership) Daimaru Gofukuten (kimono fabric store)” with a capital of ¥500,000.
1910 ・Closed Edo and Nagoya stores.
1912 ・Kyoto store opened at the present location.
1913 ・Kobe branch opened in Motomachi, Kobe.
1920 ・Established “Kabushiki Kaisha (stock company) Daimaru Gofukuten” with a capital of ¥12 million.
1922 ・Established the first weekly holiday (Monday) system in the department store industry.
1927 ・Kobe store moved to the present location.
・Established the first “Dyeing Laboratory & Hygienic Laboratory” (present Consumer End-Use Research Institute) in the department store industry in Osaka store (present Shinsaibashi store).
1928 ・Changed the company name to “Kabushiki Kaisha Daimaru.”
1947 ・Kochi Daimaru opened.
1948 ・Established Daimaru Kogyo, Ltd.
1949 ・Tottori Daimaru became affiliated with The Daimaru, Inc.
1950 ・Shimonoseki Daimaru opened.
1953 ・Hakata Daimaru opened.
1954 ・Tokyo store opened at the Yaesu exit of Tokyo station.
1959 ・Launched the original men’s brand “Trojan.”
1960 ・Established Peacock Industries Co., Ltd. (present Peacock Stores).
1971 ・Established Daimaru Lease & Service Co., Ltd.
・Established Restaurant Peacock Co., Ltd.
1983 ・Adopted a corporate identity system (CIS) and created a new logo.
・Umeda store opened in Osaka Terminal Building “Acty Osaka.”
1987 ・Kobe store opened its first nearby directly-operated store (present Former Foreign Settlement Bldg. 38).
1991 ・Established Dimples’ Co., Ltd.
1995 ・Kobe store was hit by the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
1997 ・Kobe store was restored and grand opened.
・The annex to Fukuoka Tenjin store of Hakata Daimaru grand opened with increased floor space.
1999 ・Out-of-store sales reform started.
・Store-based sales reform started.
・The “Customer’s View” project started.
2000 ・Personnel system reform started.
・Back-office functions reform started.
2002 ・Established Daimaru’s environmental philosophy.
・Introduced a new merchandise information system.
2003 ・Hakata Daimaru and Nagasaki Daimaru merged.
・Sapporo store opened.
・Launched a new customer information system.
2005 ・The 2nd store-based sales reform started.
・Established Daimaru Sales Associates Co., Ltd.
2006 ・New personnel system reform started.
・Newly formed Planning Office for New Umeda Store.
2007 ・LaLaport Yokohama store opened.

September 3, 2007 The Daimaru, Inc. and Matsuzakaya Holdings Co., Ltd. Established a joint holding company J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd. and integrated management.