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Employment of Disabled People

Employment of disabled people

The Group recognizes that the employment of disabled people is a corporate social responsibility and its operating companies promote hiring and the creation of a work environment.

Employment rate of the disabled

Special Subsidiary Company JFR Create Co., Ltd.

JFR Create was established as a special subsidiary company wholly owned by J. Front Retailing in 2017. The company name is derived from “Create the Future,” one of the Group’s guidelines for action, JFR WAY.
In the early days, the company’s business was mainly light work, such as making ribbons and price tags for gifts of the Department Store and sorting internal mail. However, in response to the needs of the Group companies, in 2021, the company started cleaning the offices of each company and setting up digital devices such as smartphones for company use, and in 2022, began checking vouchers at Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores as a new attempt to work together with able-bodied people. By doing so, it is expanding the scope of its business every year. In particular, as digitization progresses, the need for light-duty work, which used to be a field of activity for disabled people, is shrinking. In this situation, the digital device setup business is attracting attention from other companies employing disabled people as a new field for their empowerment.
Since its establishment, the company has opened up opportunities for employees with diverse characteristics, and now there are more than 40 different types of operations.
The company is now responsible for a wide range of back-office operations for the Group, and will continue to expand opportunities to empower disabled people by collaborating with the Group companies.

Company Icon
“Irotoridori no Kosei
(colorful individuality)”

*JFR Create is staffed by members with various disabilities. The members created this icon with the hope of being a company where people understand their own characteristics and respect each other.

Work (enclosing)
Work (making of ribbons)

Data (as of June 2022)


38 people (including full-time officers)


certificate holders:29 people (intellectual 13, severe intellectual 5, mental 10, physical 1)

Average age


Retention rate after one year of employment



Sep 2017

Registered as an “Excellent Support Company for the Disabled in Osaka”

Sep 2019

Received the “Heartful Company Vocational Education Contribution Award” of the Osaka Prefecture

Jan 2020

Certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a “company empowering people with disabilities”

May 2022

Certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as an “outstanding small and medium-sized business for its efforts to hire more people with disabilities (MONISU)”

Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion