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Innovation of PARCO

Shibuya PARCO as a symbol of next-generation Parco

Since its opening in 1973, Shibuya PARCO has addressed Incubation, Urban Revitalization and Trends Communication and has played a part in developing Shibuya stimulating, and at the same time, being stimulated by the area. These three initiatives are Parco’s DNA and point of origin and also the belief of evolving Parco.

This rebuilding project of Shibuya PARCO, which we started to study in 2007, was approved as an urban planning project of special urban renaissance district in December 2015 and we proceeded with the plan as an urban redevelopment project. In order to create next-generation commercial space, we will increase experiential content by opening Japan’s first official Nintendo shop Nintendo TOKYO and expanding PARCO Theater, renew fashion offering with a mix of luxury, mode and street culture, and create future-oriented sales space using ICT.

It is designed not to meet needs but to create them, and in doing so, provide new consumption proposals and values. ―― We aim to go beyond a traditional commercial facility and create a building that proposes fresh stimulation and excitement as experience value and communicates trends globally by sympathizing and co-creating with senders such as designers and creators and implementing new initiatives. We selected mainly specialty shops with high quality design, art and entertainment to enhance the uniqueness of Shibuya PARCO. We will not narrow down a target to certain age groups or gender but aim to create a commercial complex that attracts urban consumers who “look for something new, something different, something interesting and something unique” and emotionally consume from across the world. About 180 unique and attractive shops operate there. It consists of five pillars including Fashion, Art   Culture, Entertainment, Food, and Technology. They are mixed to elicit each other’s appeal.

We hope it will evolve “Parco brand” as a flagship store for the next generation and that such brand power will spread to other stores.

Contribution to the local community both in terms of both hardware and software

The building occupied by the new Shibuya PARCO with a total floor area of approximately 64,000 square meters and 19 floors above the ground and three under the ground consisting of commercial part on the 1st basement to the 8th floors and part of the 10th floor, a creative studio (talent incubation facilities) on the 9th floor, an entrance on the 1st floor and offices on part of the 10th floor and the 12th to the 18th floors contributes to Urban Revitalization both in terms of hardware and software as a symbolic facility on Koen-dori street.

In terms of hardware, we created a pedestrian-friendly environment by placing a walkway around the building and plazas on the premises and thereby expanding space for pedestrians to enliven the area. We addressed local issues such as disposal of goods and bicycle parking on streets, which prevent people from walking around, by installing an area logistics center and a bicycle parking lot in the building. Furthermore, this building was evaluated highly for (1) the creation of attractive outdoor spaces such as a rooftop plaza and an elevated walkway, (2) the aggressive introduction of highly efficient energy system based on a co-generation system (CGS, a collective term for the systems that generate and supply electricity and heat from a heat source), and (3) initiatives to promote efficient energy use through digital communications and selected as a Leading Sustainable Project (CO2 Reduction Leader) by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. We realized a CO2 reducing complex whose operation efficiency was improved by “visualization” using energy management system as well as introducing the latest equipment. We will spread sustainability to other complexes as a “leading CO2 reduction project in urban fashion complexes.”

In the meantime, in terms of software, we help create excitement in the area by holding a wide range of events such as events in collaboration with the local community, fashion shows, music events and food events in the outdoor plaza installed in the building.