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Well-Being Life Proposed for Customers


The Group thinks “mental wealth,” “physical wealth,” “social wealth” and “environmental wealth” as well as conventional material and economic wealth will lead to the realization of Well-Being Life.
In response to growing customer awareness of ethical consumption, such as selecting products that provide solutions for environmental and social issues, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores and Parco strive to provide more products and services that support ethical consumption. Going forward, the Group will conduct questionnaire surveys on customer awareness and sympathy for its sustainability activities.

Mental Wealth

Provide excitement to daily life and create new experiences that excite customers through art, culture and entertainment.

Webinar talk event on modern art

Physical Wealth

Propose lifestyles such as exercise, sleep, meals, fashion and beauty, which make customers “beautiful and healthy” from inside and outside the body, so that they can enjoy an active life.

Welpa, a Place to Take Care of Yourself

In November 2021, Parco opened a new medical mall Welpa, which provides medical care, products, and services under new concept, in Shinsaibashi PARCO. To make customers’ daily lives a little more comfortable, the mall, as a “place to take care of yourself” to make your daily life a little more comfortable, offers a wide range of products and services from medical care to food products that are useful for daily self-care.
Welpa has a lounge that can be used before orafter a clinic visit. Visitors can relax on the sofas while sipping a drink. The lounge has a book shelf with a collection of wellness-themed books that are useful for mental and physical health.
Women in their 20’s to 40’s who are Parco’s main customers tend to put themselves on the back burner in order to take care of their daily work and families and face many health challenges, such as a lack of access to information about health checkups and health care.
As Welpa is located in an easily accessible commercial facility, we will support women so that they can make it a habit to take care of themselves while having fun.

Parco’s wellness business Welpa

Social Wealth

Value “connection” with people and local communities and expand the offering of ethical products. Customers can contribute to society by buying them.


Asumise, Creating the Cycle of Encounters

In the current situation in which people are expected to keep their distance from others and their lifestyles are changing, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores opened a showrooming space for D2C brands* “asumise” in the Daimaru Tokyo store in October 2021 using the strength of the Department Store that has physical stores. Customers scan a QR code placed in the space to buy a product from the brand’s e-commerce site instead of buying it in the store.
The space does not undergo a large-scale renovation work as in the past, and instead, existing furniture and Under the concept of a place where new possibilities are created through the "cycle of encounters,” we replace brands every three months to provide new encounters.
*Brands that sell their products directly to consumers through their own e-commerce sites

Environmental Wealth

Expand the offering of sustainable products and services through which customers can learn about the global environment.

Honey project in Daimaru Shinsaibashi store

Realization of Customers’ Healthy/Safe/Secure Life