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Support to Help Employees Develop Their Careers

Systems to help employees develop their careers

The Group provides various educational opportunities to help them develop their careers.
Trainings for new employees include a new employee training provided immediately after they join the Group and the JFR Three-year Training School for New Employees with College Degrees to develop their early careers for three years after joining the Group. In addition, we provide a “career development training” to employees at the age of 27, which we consider as a milestone for career formation.
Management trainings provided every six months include general manager trainings, manager trainings,and trainings for newly appointed general managers and managers. In 2017, the Group introduced open-type trainings so that employees can actively learn.
The Group also actively gives employees opportunities to work for external bodies and attend MBA programs and external training sessions to improve their skills. And we strive to improve the expertise courses of the Career Support College (including distance learning courses) to give opportunities for obtaining professional knowledge and skills.
In addition, the Group adopts an in-house recruitment system. Employees can apply for desired jobs across the Group, mainly new positions created when launching new businesses and newly creating or restructuring an organization. We also provide opportunities to show their intentions including a self-application system and milestone interviews. Through these initiatives, we strive to help employees improve their skills through jobs.

With respect of “allocation,” which is an important factor in “developing human resources through jobs,” we put the “right people in the right jobs,” which vitalizes each person and brings out the best in him/her, at the Group level by focusing on each employee, finding new human resources and actively providing opportunities. To this end, using the human resources information system named “Talent Management System,” which integrates human resources big data on approximately 10,000 employees of the Group, human resources divisions and job sites work together to promote allocation and development planning based on human resource attributes and certain human resource assumptions.

Training at JFR three-year training school for new employees with college degrees (JES)*
*JES stands for JFR Entry School.
Overall diagram of human resource development

Trainings provided in FY2022 (consolidated)

Total number of people

New employee training


JFR Three-year Training School for New Employees with College Degrees


Career development training


Management position training


Newly-appointed management position training


The Group enrollment-type training


Career Support College


Average training cost per employee


Average training hours per employee

2.68 hours

Education of Next-generation Management Personnel

The Group recognizes the necessity of early discovery and nurturing of human resources, and picks candidates to become core personnel. Since 2017, our JFR School has provided focused education programs to educate next-generation candidates for key management positions. JFR School consists of three stages: JFR Business Management School (for next-generation management-level candidates); JFR Management School (for next-generation general manager candidates); and JFR Leader School (for next-generation top manager candidates). It is building a system for producing management personnel in the medium to long-term.

In addition to planned and strategic placement, the system aims for earlier education of next-generation core personnel by fostering management perspectives, sharing awareness of problems with top management, training in strategy formulation, and other content.

Numbers of officers and general managers appointed from the JFR School (2017 to the end of February 2023, consolidated)

JFR Business Management School (for next-generation management-level candidates)

5 people appointed

JFR Management School (for next-generation general manager candidates)

27 people appointed

Systems to support each employee’s creativity and willingness to take on a challenge

In order to realize the Group Vision “Create and Bring to Life ‘New Happiness,’” we introduced the “Employee Pledges for Action” and “Challenge Card” programs in fiscal year 2017 to support each employee’s willingness to take on a challenge. In fiscal year 2017, a total of 1,728 challenges were submitted and nine best teams were selected from the whole Group in the first half of the year and gave presentations to the management team in the Takatsuki training institute.

Beginning in fiscal year 2018, the contents of the “Challenge Card” have been divided into three categories including “sales measures,” “operational improvement” and “new business” and the ideas for new businesses are examined at The Company. The event named the “Creation Award” is held semiannually at each company and each store and the Group-wide “JFR Group Creation Award” is held annually.

The “1st JFR Creation Award” presentation at Ginza Six

Realization of Work-Life Integration