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Top Commitment

Business activities cannot be conducted by turning a blind eye to the worsening global environmental problems global warming, marine pollution, and loss of biodiversity as well as various challenges surrounding the social sustainability, such as human rights issues in the supply chain. Instead, companies must grow while proactively resolving these issues.

Based on this recognition, JFR Group promotes sustainability management that balances corporate profits and the resolution of environmental and social issues through our business. Specifically, we will realize CSV (Creating Shared Value), which integrates sustainability with corporate and business strategies.

In formulating our Medium-term Business Plan that started in 2024, J. Front Retailing has proposed a vision of society in 2030. We have concluded that the values we wish to provide to society through our business activities are “Co-creation of Excitement,” “Co-prosperity with Communities,” and “Co-existence with the Environment.” By sharing these values with our stakeholders, we will achieve sustainable growth as a Group.

Based on this, we have reviewed our materiality and identified five themes: “Adding excitement to life,” “Enhancing community vitality,” “Creating a society that co-exists with the environment,” “Increasing the number of value co-creation partners,” and “Empowering diverse human resources to shine.”

Rather than merely resolving issues, we will integrate materiality initiatives with our business strategy to link materiality to corporate growth. For this reason, we have changed to more proactive language in the materiality statement to make it personally relevant, as we believe that the enthusiasm and actions of each and every employee will be even more important than ever.

To realize a sustainable society and new happiness in people's lives, we are committed to promoting sustainability management that balances the resolution of environmental and social issues with sustainable corporate growth, and contributing to the "Well-Being Life" of all of our stakeholders.

April 2024

President and Representative Executive Officer
J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd.