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Internal Control

Basic Policy to Build Internal Control System

This is a basic policy relating to building an internal control system for legal and appropriate execution of overall business within the corporate group comprising J. FRONT RETAILING Co., Ltd. and its operating companies. By specifically promoting this policy, the Group aims to contribute to increasing corporate value.

1. Group Management System

(1) Board of Directors

(2) Management execution framework

(3) System to secure appropriateness of financial reporting

2. Risk Management

(1) Risk Management Committee

(2) Execution control

(3) Crisis risk response

3. Legal Compliance System

(1) Compliance Committee

(2) Whistle-blowing system

4. Internal Audit Structure

5. Structure of the Audit Committee

6. Other

(1) System for storage and management of information

(2) Digital information security

Amended on June 1, 2021

Corporate Information