Group Mission Statement

Last updated on January 9, 2019

Basic Mission Statement

We aim at providing high quality products and services that meet the changing times and satisfying customers beyond their expectations.
We aim at developing the Group by contributing to society at large as a fair and reliable corporation.

The basic mission statement above represents the elements of the “customer-first principle” and the “contribution to society” that are common to the corporate mission statements and traditional spirit of Daimaru and Matsuzakaya.

"Service before profit"
Those who place service before profit will prosper.

"Abjure all evil and practice all good."
"In doing good to others, we do good to ourselves."

Group Vision

Create and Bring to Life “New Happiness.”
The Group Vision shows the directions to change from a company whose main business is to operate department stores to a “company that realizes new growth by using the collective strength of the Group.”


Create the future!
We will create things that society and consumers have never before perceived as well as create new amazing and delightful things.

Act on courage not fear!
We will take action without fear of failure, and we will all learn from the challenges we have faced.

Embrace new ideas!
We will not succumb to an inward-looking approach, but instead will take a broader view developed by coming into contact with people, objects and events in the outside world.

Think for yourself when taking action!
We will think for ourselves when taking action without waiting to be told, and will enthusiastically accomplish our goals.

Act sensibly and honestly!
We will take action as members of society in a manner commensurate with a sense of social decency, while unwaveringly conducting ourselves with sincerity and honesty at all times.

JFR Way shows the ideas that motivate the individual people working for the companies in J. Front Retailing Group to realize the Group Vision.

Commitments to Stakeholders

Customers We are committed to providing genuine satisfaction captivating customers by offering new value.
Business partners We are committed to building the relations of trust by working hard together and aim to grow together.
Communities We are committed to contributing to the development of the communities as well as promoting environmentally friendly business activities as a good corporate citizen.
Shareholders We are committed to increasing corporate value over the long term by practicing highly profitable and highly efficient management.
Employees We are committed to ensuring rewarding workplace environments where employees’ performance and contributions are evaluated fairly and they can demonstrate their abilities, achieve growth, and have job satisfaction.

The above are J. Front Retailing Group’s and its companies’ commitments to their stakeholders.


Leading from the Front in the Japanese Retail Industry―
When Daimaru and Matsuzakaya Holdings integrated management with the aim of becoming a leading Japanese retail company both in terms of quality and quantity with the department store business as its core, we created the logo by shaping Mt. Fuji, which is one of the symbols of Japan, using the initial letters of J. Front Retailing (JFR) to express such determination and thought. Furthermore, the circle represents the sun rising from Mt. Fuji as JFR and expresses the strong will of the company to continue to grow and shine.