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The rebuilding project of Shibuya Parco

“Next-generation Parco” in Shibuya

Rendering of New Shibuya Parco

New Shibuya Parco

The rebuilding project of Shibuya Parco is a pillar of the innovation of the Parco Business. Shibuya Parco, which is being rebuilt, has made various new proposals as the starting point of Parco’s uniqueness. In “new Shibuya Parco,” which is scheduled to open in late November 2019, we would like to bring together new initiatives which have never been done in conventional commercial facilities.

The scheme of this project was approved in December 2015 as an urban planning project of special urban renaissance district, not simple rebuilding. Based on evaluation of its contribution to urban renaissance, its floor-area ratio was allowed to increase. With respect to the income and expenditure of the redevelopment project, proceeds from the disposal of reserve floor area will cover project cost, land maintenance cost, construction cost, compensation cost for the suspension of business and others. The office area of reserve floor area was sold and the store area will be acquired by Parco.

With respect to the direction of store planning, we aim to create next-generation commercial space that provides appeal unique to Parco’s own real store including new shopping experiences using the latest technologies for customer services, payment methods and others, new ideas to meet changing lifestyles of mature urban consumers, and “learning” and “experiences” using “Parco Theater” that will be newly reborn. Using the advantages of commercial complex including offices, we will expand the business by expanding contact with various companies, provide advanced tenant services using ICT, and cooperate in the “creation of Entertainment City” in Shibuya-ku.

By spreading the new achievements and know-how gained through this project to other urban stores gradually, we will realize the evolution of the store brand of entire Parco.

Scheme of “Udagawa-cho District 14/15 Category 1 Urban Redevelopment Project”
Income and expenditure of Udagawa-cho District 14/15 Category 1 Urban Redevelopment Project

Expanding commercial real estate

Out of twelve development projects laid out in the five-year plan, seven have launched, two are currently underway, and development of the remaining three is proceeding.

Cultivating urban areas with growth potential by developing new formats in addition to Parco and Zero Gate

Improvement of customer services and tenant services

In the stores business, we provide customer services and tenant services using ICT as a customer service and tenant support policy.

Aiming at digital transformation that is expected to be adopted on a full scale in new Shibuya Parco, which is planned to open in fall 2019, we conduct the pilot tests of the measures to provide new consumption experiences by expanding in-store services of commercial facility Parco.

For customers, we introduced a 3D scanner, which enables customers to post the 3D images of their coordinated styles on social media, at SR6 in Shibuya and use it to sell fashion items. We also developed voice search service Alexa Skill that provides voice guidance service in Parco stores and installed it in Ikebukuro Parco. Furthermore, aiming at improving our ability to offer information as media, we implemented various initiatives, including increasing buying menu in conjunction with information on Pocket Parco.

For tenants and brands in Parco stores, we help them strengthen sales and the transmission of information. We changed the orientation training programs for newly employed people to be provided online so that they can take them at their convenient time and focus on customer services at stores.

When opened “Parco_ya” in Ueno Frontier Tower, we introduced at each shop Japan’s first service to analyze “store traffic” and “customer attributes” such as age and gender, which can be used to ensure appropriate personnel structure according to store traffic by time of day and changes in store traffic by date and time and revise product lineup according to customer attributes.

Tested a 3D scanner for coordinated styles (Shibuya SR6)