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Initiatives to Improve Customer Satisfaction

“Online questionnaries” and “mystery shopper services”

One of the characteristics of department stores is the provision of comprehensive services including customer services. In order to meet customers’ demands for services beyond their expectations, we conduct activities to know customers better.

The Management Planning Unit of the Head Office of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores asks Daimaru Matsuzakaya email members to answer online questionnaires as monitors once a year and the results are used to analyze customer opinions and complaints concerning each store.

From these online monitor surveys we can find out each age group’s evaluation of the atmosphere, product selection and events at each store and the selection of products consumers expect department stores to offer, including seasonal items. The results of these surveys help us develop the ideal merchandise mix and retail space that consumers expect from department stores.

The Sales Planning Unit of the Head Office of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores also conducts mystery shopper surveys concerning personal services such as customer services and functional services regularly once a year at 13 Daimaru and Matsuzakaya department stores (nine flagship stores and four branches) and Hakata Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin store and mystery shoppers survey and measure the service levels of sales space and facilities (information desks, cloakrooms, etc.) from the customers’ perspective.

The survey results of service levels of each item are quantified as indicators such as the degree of attainment and the degree of satisfaction. Such information is shared at relevant divisions to know the current levels and identify a target for improvement and used for future specific initiatives and further improvement.

Services to foreign tourists to Japan

Twelve stores of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores have tax refund counters so that foreign customers can shop easily. Some tax refund counters are staffed with foreigners to facilitate services.

Aiming to be the “number one provider of services to foreign tourists to Japan,” Daimaru Matsuzakaya Sales Associates (DMSA) provides sales people with training concerning services to foreign tourists to Japan using the curriculums that are useful for customer services at stores six times a year at each store.

In addition, multi-language communication sheets (by sales department, by scene, etc.) and pocketable guides are used to support customer services so that foreign tourists to Japan can shop without stress. In April 2017, a total of 50 voice translation applications were newly installed at nine stores.

Improvement of sales expertise to an innovative level by Daimaru Matsuzakaya Sales Associates

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Sales Associate (DMSA) is one of the largest companies in the Group with approximately 2,600 employees who are involved in sales and retail space operation at stores. DMSA will improve proposal capabilities and management capabilities concerning sales to contribute to strengthening sales capabilities and profitability of the stores of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores while conducting business activities with a view to expanding the provision of sales services outside the Group.

DMSA will provide know-how on store operations in general as solutions by: (i) taking over the management of the operation of the entire store; (ii) taking over the sales and operation of a sales department; and (iii) providing human resource development programs. The company will develop expertise in each merchandise category expected of commercial facilities including department stores and commercial zones, human resources who can build and operate sales systems that respond flexibly to business fluctuation, and management know-how. In order to strengthen expertise, DMSA will create an in-house qualification “shoe coordinator” system to develop women’s shoes and men’s shoes “sales professionals” and provide one and only sales service at the sales departments whose operation is entrusted to the company. In order to respond flexibly to business fluctuation, DMSA will rebuild sales service know-how to propose and implement the most appropriate operation systems for the devices of the stores to respond quickly to consumer needs such as events and limited time sales. DMSA will also expand customer services and tax refund counter operations to satisfy yearly increasing inbound tourists. We will clarify the directions and steps of the development of the abilities of talented sales people and develop systems to meet sophisticated consumer needs for product offering and lifestyle proposals in the Group.

DMSA, which assumes the role of providing sales space and products to consumers in the most relevant manner at department stores with high-value-added services, will strive to appropriately provide useful products and services to meet customers’ expectations as well as providing information on safety and security.

Coexistence with Local Communities