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Realization of "Job Satisfaction Transformation"

The Group is working towards "job satisfaction transformation" through promotion of diversity and realization of work-life balance.
The Group's idea of job satisfaction transformation means a comprehensive effort on promotion of diversity that generates innovation, and on realization of work-life balance to improve productivity. We aim to simultaneously achieve job satisfaction for individuals and higher productivity for the organization.

Our promotion of diversity currently includes women's empowerment, supporting balance between child care and work for female employees raising children, and new forms of hiring, such as mid-career hiring of personnel with expert knowledge. In future, we will foster innovation by nurturing a climate in which everyone can work to their full capability regardless of gender differences, such as between men and women, and support for personal skill development, through means such as specialty-building training.

Our current measures for realization of work-life balance include developing the paid leave system to reconcile child/family care with work, developing working hours systems, such as encouraging flexi-time working and use of paid vacations, and IT-based working efficiency enhancements. In future, we will develop systems that allow people to carry on working without having their careers interrupted by childbirth and child/family care, and carry on working for the realization of work-life balance through personal work style reform and higher productivity as an organization.

Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion