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Environmental Policy (Eco Vision)


Our lives are exposed to environmental risks such as increasing global warming and unusual weather. We, as a member of society, think it is our important mission to place environmental issues at the top of our agenda and work together to maintain this irreplaceable global environment. For the purpose of achieving our mission, we will take action to resolve environmental issues through business activities. We think it will perpetuate the contact points with various stakeholders as stated in the Sustainability Policy.

Each of us will deepen insight into environmental issues, comply with legal requirements and internal standards, and take responsibility for addressing these issues.

Guidelines for action

(1) Efforts to reduce energy consumption and emissions
We will strive to continuously reduce energy consumption and emissions through business activities in stores and offices and the entire supply chain.

(2) Response to a recycling-oriented society
We will work with customers and suppliers to recycle waste from homes, stores and offices and strive to improve the resource efficiency of business activities by recycling resources and using recycled resources.

(3) Provision of products and services that contribute to a low-carbon society
We will develop and provide environment-friendly and high-value-added products and services that contribute to a low-carbon society through stores and offices.

(4) Development of promotion system
We will develop J. Front Retailing Group’s environmental plan at the “Sustainability Committee.” Each company in the Group will set medium- to long-term targets based on the environmental plan, develop and promote a specific action plan, and review them on a regular basis for continuous improvement.

(5) Environmental education and communication with stakeholders
We will actively promote environmental awareness raising activities to increase environmental awareness of individual employees. We will also strive to mutually raise environmental awareness through active dialogue with stakeholders.

October 30, 2018

Realization of Decarbonized Society