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Proposal for Environment-friendly Lifestyles

The main focus of the environmental activities of the Daimaru and Matsuzakaya stores is on making proposals to make customers’ lives “ecological” and “ethical” in an effort to contribute to building a sustainable society. In the Environment Months in June and October, these stores offer environment-conscious products and make various lifestyle proposals that help reduce environmental load.

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Ecoff recycling activities

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores conducts the “Ecoff recycling campaign” on a regular basis. It is a “sustainable participatory project” to eliminate burdens on the earth and customers through ecological activities that are friendly to the environment and society. Customers bring disused clothing, shoes and bags to the stores, and in exchange, we give them shopping support tickets so that they can buy new items at a small discount.

A total of 299,170 renewable articles were collected in the campaign in April 2018 and the total number of articles collected since the first campaign in August 2016 exceeded one million. The collected articles are recycled into bioethanol and coke as well as the raw materials of textile products.

Provision of good products and high quality products

Using high quality products for a long time forms the basis of environment-friendly lifestyles. The Matsuzakaya Nagoya store organized a store-wide fair “Japanese Good Products” focused on artisanship which shows Japanese aesthetics. Through limited-time shops and demonstrations by artisans, we showed excellence in Japanese manufacturing, and on each floor, we offered “good products” to which users become more attached with longer use.

Attractive traditional Japanese Arimatsu tie-dyed caddie bag

Proposal for Cool Biz Style

The “Cool Biz” has become established nationwide as a business style to work comfortably without relying too much on air conditioning in hot summer in Japan. Also in 2017, each store proposed smart business styles. Business shirts with smart-looking collars and business polo shirts are already staples, and recently, functions such as cool touch and washable materials are popular as additional values.

Selection for “Smart Cool Life”

The livingware section offered “energy-saving and comfortable summer lifestyles” to customers with a large selection of products including down blankets made of “cool touch materials” and items made of natural “rush” such as “nap mats” and “rugs.”

Proposal for Cool Biz Style

Promotion of smart wrapping

At the Daimaru and Matsuzakaya stores, workers are repeatedly trained based on a smart wrapping manual to promote economical and appropriate packaging. At checkout counters, salespersons ask for shoppers’ cooperation for simple packaging such as packing their purchases with their baggage in one bag. We also develop and sell beautifully designed and high value added “eco bags” to propose department store worthy shopping styles.

Request for cooperation for simple packaging at a midyear / year-end gift center

Use of unbleached Kraft paper shopping bags

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores started to use unbleached paper shopping bags for food products with the common design and specification at all its stores in December 2011. Unbleached Kraft paper is friendly to the environment because bleaching agent is not used. Its natural color is ideal to represent the image of food products. By making paper 1.4 times deeper, the bag became stronger enough. In addition, its thick twist string handles make the bag easier to carry and reduce burden on shopper’s hands and arms.

In terms of size, the 18cm deep gussets provide more capacity and contribute to reducing the consumption of packaging materials.

Shopping bag for food products

Use of eco-friendly wrapping materials

For refrigerated delivery, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores uses wrapping materials made of Stone-Sheet, which contributes to preventing global warming, can be used as a neutralizer that prevents dioxin from being produced, and emits little CO2 when burned. In fiscal year 2017, we used 294,283 pieces of wrapping materials made of Stone-Sheet throughout the company.

Stone-Sheet, which received the Encouragement Prize at the 11th LCA Society of Japan Awards, reduces CO2 emissions when burned. In addition, as domestic calcium carbonate is used, it can be used as containers and wrapping materials. It is suitable for refrigerated delivery because it is highly proof against water and mildew, antibacterial and resistant to refrigeration and freezing. When burned, it emits 55% less CO2 compared to polyethylene on an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) basis.

Realization of Decarbonized Society