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For the Realization of a Circular Society at the Entire Supply Chain

To realize a recycling society at the entire supply chain

The Group aims to propose buying styles with customer participation through eco-friendly recycling and reuse activities and develop a new circular economy business model.

Think GREEN initiative

In April 2020, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores launched the Think GREEN initiatives with the aim of promoting the realization of a circular society as mentioned in the Eco Vision with customers.

When Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores announced that it would start charging fees for plastic bags in June, it also launched a website where various environmental activities are posted. First, as we started charging fees for plastic bags, we encourage customers to bring their own bags at all stores. We created a special web page “Let’s MY BAG,” which features reusable shopping bags recommended by each store to reduce the use of plastic bags with customers.

We originally planned to conduct the ECOFF recycling campaign in April at each store as part of the Think GREEN initiative. However, it was canceled due to COVID-19. We are considering contactless collection by putting safety and security first to carry out the campaign in the future.

Amid such circumstances, we released an animation titled “GREEN-san’s slow eco diary,” which provides easy eco lifestyle tips to continuously communicate with customers during the period when our stores closed temporarily and the voluntary ban on leaving home was requested. We will continue to provide information on the website “Think GREEN at home” so that customers enjoy at home.

ECOFF initiative

Since 2016, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores has been engaged in “ECOFF” initiative to collect and recycle disused clothing, shoes and bags. In exchange for them, we give customers “shopping support tickets” and encourage them to shop in the Daimaru or Matsuzakaya department stores as a circular system. This is a sustainable project with customer participation to reduce the burden on customers and the earth through eco-friendly activities. Amid rising customer awareness of reducing the environmental burden, we held the 7th campaign in April 2019 and the number of collected articles increased.

ECOFF collection boxes are permanently installed since June 2019 to recycle or reuse more items. In August 2019, we held a family event “ECOFF School,” which provides an opportunity for the participants to learn about recycling and reuse while enjoying playing. It made customers and their children as the next generation understand a circular society through recycling and reuse.

We will work with customers as stakeholders to realize a circular society through business activities.

Articles collected

Apr 2019

436,633 pcs.


Nov 2019

401,809 pcs.



2,322,021 pcs.


* ECOFF collaborates with the recycling project BRING on recycling and reuse.

Management of the Entire Supply Chain