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Social Vision


We are expected to resolve social issues to realize a sustainable society amid expanding social challenges with increasingly diversified social values.

We aim to help stakeholders we meet at our contact points stated in the Sustainability Policy lead a fulfilling life and become a reliable corporation as a member of society by meeting corporate social responsibility through community involvement and business activities in the supply chain.

And we will make ourselves healthy by diversifying the work styles of employees working for the Group who play a central role in realizing our aim mentioned above and respecting their health and human rights.

Each of us will deepen insight into social issues, comply with legal requirements and internal standards, and take responsibility for addressing these issues.

2.Guidelines for action

(1) Promotion of cooperation with local communities
We aim to contribute to revitalizing the area and grow with local communities by combining the “realization of sustainable society” and the “realization of fun in the life” unifying stores and community building in the area through coexistence with local communities to increase the appeal of the area.

(2) Practice of fair business activities
In the entire supply chain, we, together with suppliers as our stakeholders, will not only comply with applicable laws and regulations and social norms in the entire supply chain but also conduct business activities with consideration for social responsibilities such as human rights based on high ethical standards.

(3) Creation of workplaces in view of ease of working and diversity
We will promote work-life balance to realize the environment in which employees and their families feel happy. At the same time, we will promote diversity initiatives to respect and accept various people with different ages, genders, sexual orientations and gender identities, and disabilities so that individual employees can perform at their best.

(4) Development of promotion system
We will develop J. Front Retailing Group’s social initiative plan at the “Sustainability Committee.” Each company in the Group will set medium- to long-term targets based on the plan, develop and promote a specific action plan, and review them on a regular basis for continuous improvement.

(5) Promotion of human rights education
Based on the understanding that respect for human rights is a vital corporate social responsibility, we will provide human rights education to all employees and raise their awareness to carry out such responsibility.

October 30, 2018

Policy on Sustainability