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Initiatives to realize work-life balance

J. Front Retailing believes that work-life balance is important to keep employees healthy both mentally and physically. For this purpose, we implement the following initiatives.

Initiatives to “reform work styles”

Recognizing the “work style reform” leads directly to realization of the Group Vision, we strive to not only restrict long working hours but also realize “creative and productive work styles” and “employees’ affluent life through work-life balance and the growth of people and companies.” To this end, we promote the reforms of “management,” “systems and rules” and “mechanisms and tools” for operational reforms (streamlining) and proper work styles.

Our initiatives to reform “management” include “providing training to the management line to enhance their awareness” and “reviewing organizations and management systems for appropriate working hours management.” Our initiatives to reform “systems and rules” include “paperless meeting operation” and “thorough implementation of No Overtime Days.”

With respect to the reforms of “mechanisms and tools,” each company promotes the improvement of the environment including a change into a digital office and the adoption of a free address system as well as “promoting the renovation of operations systems” by introducing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and “innovating the Group ware” to realize efficient and productive work styles.

Systems related to child care and family care

Systems related to child care and family care exceeding statutory limits at Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores and the number of takers in FY2018

System Description No. of takers

Child care

Child care leave

Up to the last day of the month in which the child enters an elementary school (at the longest until the child reaches two years of age under law)


Shortened working hours for child care

Up to the last day of the month in which the child enters an elementary school (for children under three years old under law). The “optional working hours system” allows shortened working hours until the child enters a junior high school.


Sick/injured child care leave

Paid (Unpaid leave is permitted by law.)


Child care support leave

Four days of paid leave for raising children under three years old (No such leave is granted by law.)


Maternity leave for spouse

One day of paid leave (No such leave is granted by law.)


Family care

Family care leave

Up to a total of one year of leave per subject family member can be taken consecutively or separately any number of times. (Up to 93 days of leave can be taken separately up to three times under law.)


Nursing care leave

Paid (Unpaid leave is permitted by law.)


Optional working hours system

We adopt a system that allows employees to choose shortened working hours for child care, family care, hobbies to enrich senior life and other reasons.

(Purpose and period: Up to the last day of the month in which the child enters an junior high school for child care, a period in which the employee needs to take care of his/her family member for family care, etc.)

Area Limited Employee System

In light of diversified values and lifestyles of workers, we introduced the “Area Limited Employee System” that allows employees to limit their work areas by their free will. By increasing work options, we aim to build a foundation on which employees can autonomously think of the balance between their career formation and life and act accordingly. Employees can choose to work in one of five areas including Sapporo, Tokyo, Kansai, Chubu and Shizuoka.

Reasons for application for an area limited employee are not restricted and an employee who converted to an area limited employee can return to a regular employee. The number of times of such conversion is not limited. When this system was introduced in September 2017, 696 employees became area limited employees, which accounts for approximately 18.5% of the employees of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores (including seconded ones). In March 2018, 24 employees newly converted to area limited employees and 75 area limited employees returned to regular employees.

Creation of the status of “dedicated employee”

In order to further empower fixed-term contract employees of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores and Daimaru Matsuzakaya Sales Associates and secure more stable employment status, we created the status of “dedicated employee” by not only making the employment period indefinite but also improving part of the working conditions.

Specifically, they are entitled to leave allowance*1 and absence deduction*2 like regular employees. When the system was introduced in June 2017, out of a total of approximately 1,800 fixed-term contract employees, approximately 1,600 employees who had met the requirements changed to be employed for an indefinite period at once.

*1 80% of daily amount is paid for the period of sick leave.

*2 60% of daily amount is paid for the period of absence including maternity leave.

Changing work styles

As a holding company, J. Front Retailing strives to change work styles so that employees can create something new. On the occasion of the relocation of the head office in January 2018, we reduced documents by approximately 80% and adopted a “free address system” that allows workers to freely choose their seats. We also promote paperless operations by digitalizing meetings, that is, “seeing meeting materials on a computer screen instead of printing them.”

Meeting space in the head office of J. Front Retailing

Realization of Work-life Balance